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Oct 29, 2018

Ten Event Inspired Costume Ideas

Halloween is approaching quickly. Are you scrambling to figure out your costume? Have no fear…with the variety of events that take place in our venues each year, we have loads of inspiration to help keep you in the Halloween spirit.

    When walking a venue full of people, it may seem impossible to find the event planner who is responsible for pulling it all together. However, our staff are seasoned pros at identifying them. Nine times out of ten, these people are usually found moving at a swift pace with a laser focused look in their eyes. Typically, there is a line of people waiting to get direction from them. They are able to multi-task, problem solve, and motivate others...all with a smile on their face. Look for the man or woman with a walkie-talkie attached to their hip (or better yet, a head set), holding a clipboard and a cup of coffee from late nights of planning leading up to the event.
    event planner.jpg
    Nothing makes people smile more than seeing their favorite companion. In a nod to our annual Land O’ Lakes Kennel Club Dog Show every January, we highly recommend dog costumes. Who doesn’t love seeing dogs dressed up as something other than their cute furry selves? CUTENESS OVERLOAD.
    Come early December, our building is filled with men and women actually waiting for the lakes to freeze over so they can take part in their favorite past time…ice fishing. The St. Paul Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Show gives us great inspiration for a fantastic costume and guaranteed, you’ll stay warm when you are out trick or treating!
    If ice fishing isn’t your thing, we find loads of inspiration at the annual Minnesota Sportsmen’s Show. Perhaps you could dress up as a s’more, inspired from campfire nights, or maybe a bow hunter is more your thing. If there’s one thing that is for sure, we have many Minnesotans that love their outdoor activities, so the ideas are endless in this category!
  5. LEGOS!
    Do you have a child that loves building? Or are you an adult that secretly loves to sit down and build with those addictive little plastic bricks? We know you are out there and can’t wait to see you in November for BRICK FEST LIVE! Take your hobby one step further and turn YOURSELF into one of the world’s most favorite childhood activities.
    Are you sporty AND creative? Say no more…dressing up as a Minnesota RollerGirl might be the perfect costume. Slap on a pair of roller skates (must be skates, not blades!), some face paint, maybe a black eye, and a colorful costume and skate your way around the neighborhood to collect candy and goodies. Have fun with picking your RollerGirl name too! We suggest Little Grr Maid, Agatha Crushdie or perhaps Pippi Longstompings.
    Before you put away all of your gardening supplies for the winter, keep a few out for a great Halloween costume. A pair of gardening boots, hat, trowel, and a plant will do the trick! Each February, we welcome back the St. Paul Home + Landscape Show and boy is it a beautiful thing to see flowering gardens inside our building in the middle of February.
  8. BIKER
    Every March, the Donnie Smith Bike and Car Show fills our venue with enthusiasts from all over the country to be a part of the largest custom bike show in the Midwest. This costume generally involves a leather jacket, helmet, leather chaps and perhaps some bad sun tan lines from a day out riding with friends. An extra special touch is to ride your bike while trick or treating.
    Do you have a particular country that you love or want to celebrate? We have many opportunities throughout the year, where we are inspired by many different cultures that could make for terrific costumes. In May, over 100 different ethnic groups are represented at the annual Festival of Nations event. Celebrate Halloween dressed in your favorite cultural attire from a country of your choosing. The options are endless!
    African Dancers.jpg
  10. ARTIST
    Are you an artist at heart? Do you love to make things with your hands? Love to be inspired and inspire others? Every April, the American Craft Council brings together the country’s top emerging artists that make craft like you’ve never seen before. Jewelry, clothing, furniture, home décor. artist_painting_van_gogh.jpg

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