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Exhibitor A-Z Guide

ADA Compliance

Saint Paul RiverCentre is committed to accommodating the needs of individuals with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Click here for more information on ADA policies


Saint Paul RiverCentre is equipped with a Wells Fargo cash machine located at Gate 1 of Xcel Energy Center, next to the Xcel Energy Center Box Office.

Audio Visual Equipment

LCD monitors on carts, DVD players, and HDMI and VGA cables are available to rent through the venue on a first come, first serve basis. To order these items, visit our website at rivercentre.org. Call the Exhibitor Services line at (651) 265-4875 with any questions.

  • Orders for monitors and DVD players do not include electrical service. Unfinished DVDs will not play in our DVD players.


Helium balloons are prohibited in booths unless they are properly secured to a fixed surface for the duration of an event. Distribution of helium balloons is strictly prohibited. If a helium balloon gets released, you will be charged with a retrieval fee.

Banners / Signs

Call the Exhibitor Services line at (651) 265-4875 to place an order for staff to hang a banner in your booth. You will need to provide the size of your banner to complete your order. The time to hang the banner will be scheduled with your show manager.

Booth Lighting

All clamp-on types of portable spotlights must be protected from metal-to-metal contact by having electrical insulating pads or wrapping permanently attached to the lamp holder clamp. Use of ceramic-porcelain or molded composition type of neck-shell is the only type approved. On/off switches are usually located in the neck.

Where any spotlight or lamp is subject to physical damage, damp places or comes into contact with combustible material, it must be equipped with a substantial guard attached to the lamp holder or the handle.

  • Electrical service must be ordered when using booth lighting.

Business Center

Loffler Business Center is conveniently located in Saint Paul RiverCentre and can fulfill your copying, binding, printing and signage needs. Clients and exhibitors are encouraged to submit business center orders before arrival. By doing so, shipping fees (Fed Ex, UPS, etc.) will be eliminated. Final products can be delivered directly to your booth or registration desk upon your arrival. 

  • The Business Center does not offer shipping services for items not ordered through them.

Cable Connection

Please call our Exhibitor Service line at (651) 265-4875 to order a cable connection for your booth. We will need your booth location to determine the accessibility for a cable connection in your booth. A standard cable television connection includes a variety of standard definition and high definition channels from local, regional and national sources.

  • The purchase of this service does not include a television monitor or electrical service. A standard coax cable will be placed in your booth with a standard F-connector.


Saint Paul RiverCentre does not have carpet to rent to exhibitors. Contact your event’s show manager for the information of the decorator who will be setting up the booths. The decorator will be able to rent carpet to exhibitors.

  • When installing carpeting in our facility, we require the use of low-residue tape such as Scotch Brand 2090. Ordinary types of carpet tape damage the special concrete and terrazzo floor surfaces when they are removed.


Exhibitors are encouraged to bring their own carts for transferring freight. Saint Paul RiverCentre has a very limited supply of carts at our Security Office and they are available on a first come, first serve basis. Our Security Office is located by Dock #1 in the loading dock on level 1 of our facility. You will be required to leave a valid photo ID with our Security Office while using the cart.

Cleaning Services

Saint Paul RiverCentre staff will vacuum aisles and public spaces for each event. Booth cleaning is the responsibility of the show decorator and/or the exhibitor in the booth.

Special receptacles are available for compostable materials as well as recyclable materials including shrink wrap, cardboard, carpet and pallets.

Coat Check

Many shows have a coat check set up for their event. Please contact the show manager for your event or call our Exhibitor Services line at (651) 265-4875 for the exact location of the coat check at your event.

Compressed Air

Call the Exhibitor Services line at (651) 265-4875 to place an order for an air-line in your booth. There are fixed locations in our floor that we can run air-lines from. Our Exhibitor Services representative will check if your booth is near one of those locations before placing your order. Additional charges may apply if your booth is not located near one of those locations.

  • Our standard supplied connector is a ½” foster quick disconnect and air pressure varies but is typically 90 psi. An air-line order does not include electrical service.

Decorative Materials

Nothing may be taped, nailed, tacked or otherwise affixed to ceilings, painted surfaces, fire sprinklers, columns, fabric or decorative walls. The release of glitter and distribution of any adhesive-backed sticker are also strictly forbidden.

All decorative materials must be non-flammable material or treated with a flame retardant solution and documentation must be available to the fire inspector. Tablecloths on display tables must be flame retardant if used near a heat source such as cooking devices. MSFC 805.2

  • Acoustical and decorative materials, including but not limited to cotton, hay, paper, straw, moss, bamboo and woodchips, shall be treated with flame retardant. MSFC 805.1 & NFPA 705

Deliveries / Shipping

Due to limited storage space, exhibitors should ship all items through their decorator’s drayage services. For questions regarding shipping event materials, please contact your show promoter. Saint Paul RiverCentre will not be held responsible for any missing or damaged items.

If your show does not have a decorator please call our Exhibitor Services line at 651-265-4875 for shipping instructions.


The Saint Paul RiverCentre address is: 175 West Kellogg Boulevard, Saint Paul, MN 55102. Click here for directions.

Diversity Commitment

We acknowledge and honor the fundamental value of all individuals. We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages and experiences.

Electrical Service

Electrical service is available to purchase through our exhibitor services website. Instructions on ordering are in the Exhibitor Services – Online Ordering section.

Electrical drops will be placed in the center back of your booth. Extension cords and power strips are also available to be rented online.

Labor-related to hardwiring connection into equipment, trouble-shooting exhibitor equipment, electrical corrections to exhibitor equipment, and custom special connections or power placement are NOT included with the electrical service and may require additional labor to be paid by the exhibitor in advance. Call the Exhibitor Services line at (651) 265-4875 for questions about electrical labor needs.


There are several elevators in our facility for exhibitor use during load-in and load-out for events. Two freight elevators are located by Dock #10 in our loading dock. Passenger elevators are located by Dock #1 and by the roll-up doors between Docks #8 and #9.

Exhibitor Services – Online Ordering

All of our exhibitor services can be purchased on our website here

For any questions or assistance with ordering your exhibitor services, please call our representative at (651) 265-4875 or email them at exhibit@rivercentre.org. Our exhibitor services representative usually works Tuesday-Saturday. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

Exhibitor Services - Cancellation Policies

Below are the cancellation polices in regards to exhibitor services that are purchased directly from the venue.  Contact your event decorator if you require the cancellation of services procured from a show decorator. 


  • Cancellation requests made 3 days or more before the first day of an event will result in a full refund.
  • Cancellation requests made 2 days or less before the first day of an event will result in a $25 cancellation fee, provided the service has not yet been set.
  • Cancellation requests made on or after the first day of the event will not be honored.


  • Cancellation requests made 7 days or more before the first day of an event will result in a full refund.
  • Cancellation requests made 6 days or less before the first day of an event will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of the service, provided the service has not yet been set.
  • Cancellations requested on or after the first day of the event will not be honored.


  • Cancellation requests made 7 days or more before the first day of an event will result in a full refund.
  • Cancellation requests made 6 days or less before the first day of an event will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of the service, provided the service has not yet been set.
  • Cancellations requested on or after the first day of the event will not be honored.

Fire Extinguishers

All booths using canopies must have a fire extinguisher in the booth. Fire extinguishers are available to rent through the venue or exhibitors may bring their own. Rental extinguishers will be delivered to your booth prior to the show opening and collected from your booth at the end of the show.

Due to limited quantity, rental extinguishers are available on a first come, first serve basis. Available to rent are the standard dry chemical extinguishers to be used on Class A, B and C fires. We also have a few K-type fire extinguishers to be used on fires from cooking oils, etc.

Food & Beverage - Dining

  • Headwaters Café: Located on the lobby level of Saint Paul RiverCentre, Headwaters Café offers visitors a fresh-from-scratch alternative to standard convention center hospitality. Our extensive menu of soups, salads, sandwiches, desserts and daily features, along with your favorite coffee, tea or latte, is sure to offer something for everyone. The bar at Headwaters Café, which opens in support of evening events, offers cold beer and sodas, wine and a variety of cocktails, as well as a bar menu featuring tasty appetizers. 
  • Concession Stands: During most public events, concession stands offer a variety of specialty items located throughout the show floor.
  • Outside Food & Beverage Policy: Due to health code regulations and our exclusive contract with MHC Culinary Group, outside food and beverages are prohibited for attendees, exhibitors and event promoters.

Food & Beverage – Sampling

Exhibitors are not permitted to sell, distribute or provide samples of food and beverage products without written permission from Saint Paul RiverCentre in advance of the show. The exclusive right may be waived in case of trade/exhibit shows or conventions that are a food and beverage nature and are not open to the general public.

If a waiver is granted, any exhibitors giving away and selling food and beverage products must have a permit and all appropriate fees on file with the Minnesota Department of Health. Exhibitors will also be entirely responsible for any and all liabilities that may result from the consumption of their products and not Saint Paul RiverCentre, Roy Wilkins Auditorium, MHC Culinary Group, nor the City of Saint Paul.

Food Warming Devices

For vendors who have received a waiver to provide food or beverage at their booth, cooking and food warming devices shall be placed on non-combustible materials, such as a metal tray, be isolated from the public by a four-foot space, and be limited to 288 square inches of cooking area. A non-combustible shield or barrier to protect the public from heat sources is acceptable instead of the space requirements. Tablecloths or draping used on tables near cooking equipment must be treated with flame retardant, and proof must be furnished to the Fire Inspector. LSC 9-4.4.3(9)

Booths containing cooking devices shall be provided with a fire extinguisher with a rating not less than 2A10BC and readily available for use. A K-type fire extinguisher must be provided and available for use when deep fat fryers are used. MSFC 904.11.5 & NFPA 10 2-2.3 & LSC 9-4.4.3

Idling Policy

Vehicle idling is not permitted on the loading dock or inside the facility as a part of our sustainability efforts.

Internet & Phone Services

Wired internet, telephone lines, and phone sets are available to rent by going online to our Exhibitor Services website. While our facility has free Wi-Fi, if exhibitors plan to be uploading and downloading audio or video files, we recommend ordering a wired internet line.

Phone lines are set up for local and toll-free calls only. Long distance calls will require a calling card by the user. This is an analog service. Dialers must first dial 9 before the actual phone number to receive an outside line. Standard telephone service does not include a telephone set, which must be rented separately. Standard phone sets are analog based touch-tone phones.

Standard telephone service does not require electrical service. However, if you are connecting the telephone service to a computer, credit card machine or another device that requires electrical service, you will be required to purchase electrical service for that device.

Loading Dock

The Saint Paul RiverCentre Loading Dock boasts 10 fully enclosed dock bays. The loading dock is designed for drive-on access to the exhibition hall floor and is equipped with three large freight elevators to move items from the loading dock to various levels of our complex.

The loading dock is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by the Saint Paul RiverCentre security staff.

Our loading dock is located at 310 Eagle Street, Saint Paul, MN 55102.

Lost and Found

All found articles are placed in Saint Paul RiverCentre's Administrative Office, located on the 5th floor of RiverCentre. To inquire about lost items, contact our lost and found department at 651-265-4880.

Merchandise Sales

Exhibitors may exhibit only merchandise which they normally serve or produce in the ordinary course of their business and may only distribute such quantities that are reasonable in regards to the purpose of promoting the merchandise. Approved merchandise sales will only be permitted in the exhibitor's contracted space.

All exhibitors who sell merchandise from the show floor or take orders on either a wholesale or retail basis must contact the City of Saint Paul Office of License, Inspections and Environmental Protection (LIEP) for license and permit requirements. Call (651) 266-9107 or (651) 266-8989.

Minnesota Sales Tax (ST3)

Minnesota State Tax information can be obtained from the State of Minnesota, Business Records Department, 600 Robert Street North, Saint Paul, (651) 296-6181. See the State's sales tax web page for more information.

Move-in & Move-out Procedures

The major decorator of an exhibition event shall maintain control of the exhibit floor during set-up and dismantling:

  • Vehicle idling is not permitted on the loading dock or inside the facility.
  • During move-in and move-out hours, lighting will be set at 50% of show levels, escalators will be powered off, and heating and cooling will be set at reduced levels.
  • Only company-owned vehicles with proper signage (permanently affixed decals) or temporary loading/unloading permits will be allowed in work areas.
  • Independent decorators and sub-contractors must be properly bonded, insured and have access permission to loading/unloading areas through the major decorator.
  • Individual exhibitors loading/unloading merchandise can park their car in the loading dock for up to 20 minutes. During load-in, once the car is emptied of merchandise, the exhibitor can park their car in the RiverCentre Parking Ramp and then return to the facility to finish setting up their booth.
  • Forklifts and other heavy carts will not be allowed in carpeted areas without proper wrapping on tires.     
  • Keep all fire lanes clear at all times for immediate use by emergency vehicles. Violators will be towed.     
  • Motorized pallet jacks are not permitted in elevators.

Nursing Mothers

Our venues are equipped with two permanent nursing mother’s rooms.  Each features a secure room, comfortable chair, dim lighting and an electrical outlet for nursing mothers. One room is available on the ballroom level near the women’s restroom and the other is located inside the women's restroom in Hall A.  Both are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please note that Saint Paul RiverCentre does not provide refrigeration.


Nothing shall be hung from or affixed to any sprinkler heads or piping. All exit doors shall be in operable condition at all times. Exit signs, manual pull stations, fire department handsets and fire hose cabinets shall not be obstructed in any manner. All entrances, exits, aisles, stairways, lobbies, passageways, and fire and life safety devices shall be unobstructed at all times. Booth construction shall be substantial and fixed in position in a specified area for the duration of the show. Easels, signs, etc. shall not be placed beyond the booth area into the aisles.


Exhibitors are not permitted to park in our loading dock.

The RiverCentre Parking Ramp is the closest parking ramp. This parking ramp is located directly across the street from Saint Paul RiverCentre and is connected via skyway system.

Exhibitors are encouraged to use the City of Saint Paul's interactive parking map to find a variety of parking options within walking distance of the complex.

Oversized vehicle parking is not available at Saint Paul RiverCentre.  Those in search of oversized vehicle parking, are encouraged to contact the union depot lot C at 651-202-2741 to make arrangements.  Parking reservations require 24 hour notification and pre-payment is required.  Parking in this lot is subject to availability.

Permit to Carry Policy

Weapon policies vary inside Saint Paul RiverCentre. Guests with permits to carry are permitted to do so in Saint Paul RiverCentre unless an individual event promoter dictates otherwise. Event promoters have the right to ban weapons at their events, and if so, proper signage will be placed at the event entrance. If you have a specific question regarding a permit to carry, please email us at info@rivercentre.org or call us at (651) 265-4800 with the name of the event you plan to attend so we can provide clarification on whether weapons are permitted.

Power-Down Policy

At the conclusion of each event, Saint Paul RiverCentre promotes a “power-down policy” for all non-essential equipment that is powered by electricity. This includes but is not limited to building equipment, production equipment, catering equipment and exhibitor equipment. If a client or exhibitor's business need requires 24-hour electrical service, please contact your Event Manager to make proper arrangements. Additional fees may apply.

Prohibited Equipment, Items & Operations

Prohibited equipment and items:

  • Hazardous refrigerants such as sulfur dioxide and ammonia
  • Electrical equipment or installation not conforming to code
  • Fireworks or Pyrotechnics (must have a permit) MSFC 3308.1.1
  • Blasting Agents
  • Explosives
  • Flammable cryogenic gasses
  • Aerosol cans with flammable propellants
  • Class I liquids, including gasoline MSFC 3404.3.4.2
  • Gas operated cooking equipment
  • Wood matches with all-surface strikes
  • Cellulose nitrate motion picture film
  • Portable heating equipment
  • Propane over five pound containers/closer than 20 feet NFPA 58
  • Material-handling equipment other than electrically powered
  • Electrically powered tools and equipment other than those listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. or approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory
  • Portable heating equipment
  • Propane and helium tanks

Prohibited operations:

  • Overnight sleeping in any facility or loading docks
  • Smoking MSFC 310.2
  • Fueling of motor vehicles MSFC 314.4
  • Welding, cutting or brazing without special permit from the Saint Paul Bureau of Fire Prevention
  • Painting with flammable or volatile paints and finishes
  • Other equipment or operations that increase risk to fire and life safety

Rental Equipment

Equipment such as tables, linens, chairs, easels, etc. can be rented online at our Exhibitor Services website. For questions about what rental equipment is available for your show, please call the Exhibitor Services line at (651) 265-4875.

If your event has a decorator, you will order rental items such as those listed above through the decorator. Contact the show manager for decorator details.


Public restrooms are all equipped with ADA accommodations. Gender neutral and family restrooms are available in Saint Paul RiverCentre.


Building security operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to manage overall facility security. Our building security staff does NOT provide security for contracted areas or items left unattended in any spaces under contract.

Event-specific security is determined by each event promoter and will vary by event.

Smoking / Vaping

Under the provisions of the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act of 1975, Saint Paul RiverCentre and Roy Wilkins Auditorium are non-smoking buildings. Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, vaporizers or similar products, is not permitted within 25 feet outside any entrance or exit. This policy includes our enclosed loading dock.

Under Minnesota State Law, the giveaway of tobacco products of any kind is strictly prohibited. No person shall distribute promotional samples of smokeless tobacco products or cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco or other tobacco products as defined to the general public. MINN. STAT. §§ 325F.77 (2010) & 325F.78 (1986)

Stickers / Decals

Distribution of stickers from exhibitor booths is prohibited due to them frequently ending up stuck to the floors throughout our facility. With prior approval from the show manager, decals can be set on carpet but cannot be placed on our floors.


Saint Paul RiverCentre and Xcel Energy Center are known for being passionate about creating the best experiences imaginable for their guests, and that includes providing a setting that is a model of sustainable practices. In 2014, this event complex was the first in the world to receive these three environmental certifications: LEED, Green Globes and APEX / ASTM. Visit our dedicated sustainability website to learn about our program, progress and resources for planning your next sustainable event.

Tax Exempt

If your company is tax exempt, you will need to submit an ST3 form online at our Exhibitor Services website. Once the form is processed, your order can be placed. If you have any questions, please call the Exhibitor Services line at (651) 265-4875.

Tents / Canopies

If your booth display includes a tent or canopy, you will be required to have a fire extinguisher in your booth. You can bring your own fire extinguisher or rent one from us by ordering online at our Exhibitor Services website. If our Exhibitor Services staff or the Fire Marshal finds a booth with a tent or canopy and no fire extinguisher, you will be required to rent a fire extinguisher immediately.

Vehicle Displays

Vehicles are permitted in the loading dock areas for purposes of loading and unloading freight. Unless they represent part of the display, vehicles may not be parked in the exhibit halls.

Display vehicles and equipment exhibited inside the building, including any gas-powered items, must have gas caps taped or locked and batteries disconnected, and shall not be fueled in the building. Fuel in the fuel tank shall not exceed 1/4 of the tank capacity or 5 gallons, whichever is less. MSFC 314.4

Water Lines or Fills

Call the Exhibitor Services line at (651) 265-4875 to place an order for a water line in your booth. There are fixed locations in our floor that we can run water lines from. Our Exhibitor Services representative will check if your booth is near one of those locations before placing your order.

Our water fill and drains can be ordered in 500gallon increments. Daily refills are not included in the purchase of a water fill and drain.

Wi-Fi – Wireless Internet

Saint Paul RiverCentre has free, venue-wide Wi-Fi available for all events. Inside the venue, there are more than 100 Wi-Fi access points covering all levels. Exhibitors and guests can easily connect to the Wi-Fi network by selecting “RC_FreeWiFi” from among the connection options appearing on their device.

Note that wireless internet use is available for casual attendee or light exhibitor use, such as checking email, browsing the internet or displaying websites. Uploading and/or downloading audio or video files is not considered casual browsing and may cause system issues either for you or for others in the facility. Personal wireless or hotspot devices can also result in wireless service issues and are restricted in this facility. Please be respectful of this policy.

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