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Apr 17, 2019

Finally! Ten sure signs spring has arrived.

There’s nothing quite like a spring in Minnesota, is there? The anticipation of the grass turning from brown to green. Waiting for the street sweepers to remove the last memories of the winter wear and tear, and frankly seeing the outdoors come back to life. It is a magical time. We definitely have our own signs of spring here at Saint Paul RiverCentre that get us excited for the coming of the glorious changing of the Minnesota seasons.


  1. Goodbye winter tree tops – hello pansies and calla lilies. 
  2. No more conversations about where the coat racks should go on the diagrams.
  3. The annual Earth Day celebration is on the calendar and the company’s sustainability hero is celebrated.
  4. Gone are the sounds of snow being stomped off guests' feet as they enter the lobby.
  5. Annual springtime events return. Star of the North Dental Convention, Festival of Nations, Countless Graduation Ceremonies, End of Year Dance Competitions. All signs of spring.
  6. Scissor lifts surround the venue while RiverCentre staff members polish the glass windows.
  7. Clients sport their sunglasses and a smile on their face while manning registration desks and basking in the sunshine pouring in. 
  8. The budding of the cherry blossom trees in Rice Park provides us with a beautiful setting and hope for what is to come.
  9. Saint Paul's farmers markets come alive with fresh produce and flowers.
  10. Soil, plants and herbs begin rolling in, in anticipation of planting day for the Gertens Rooftop Garden atop Saint Paul RiverCentre's roof.

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