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Nov 23, 2020

CleanSlate UV is helping Saint Paul RiverCentre sanitize shared equipment

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, a Toronto start-up company was getting noticed for a device they created to help hospitals sanitize equipment in a short amount of time using UV-C light. In a world where a new awareness exists around the cleanliness of personal items, CleanSlate UV machines have become invaluable to businesses everywhere. Our team at Saint Paul RiverCentre now utilizes CleanSlate UV devices both front of house and back of house to keep shared equipment sanitized using the power of light.

How exactly does a CleanSlate UV machine work?
It’s so easy that anyone can operate a CleanSlate UV machine without training. The digital screen takes the user step by step through the process. To operate, simply place an object into the machine and close the lid. Once the lid is closed, the object goes into a UV chamber and it is bombarded from 360 degrees with UV light. During the 20 second sanitization cycle, the machine will prompt the user to apply the attached hand sanitizer to clean their hands so that re-contamination doesn’t occur when retrieving the newly cleaned item. The lid automatically opens so the user doesn’t contaminate their hands on the lid.

What sort of equipment can be cleaned by CleanSlate UV?
Any non-porous surface such as cell phones, microphones, laptops, tablets, keys, walkie talkies, ID badges, smart watches and more.

How will CleanSlate UV benefit events at Saint Paul RiverCentre?
Events require a lot of shared equipment. One example is the shared use of microphones at conferences. Now, using the CleanSlate UV machine, a microphone can be sanitized in 20 seconds between speakers at a general session. Clients can sanitize their shared walkie talkies or keys behind their registration desks, and laptops or tablets that are shared between presenters can quickly be sanitized between sessions. The list is endless.

Will the UV-C light damage the items it cleans?
No. The CleanSlate UV machine uses a powerful, but chemical-free technology that has been trusted in health care settings for over 30 years. The UV light won’t damage sensitive touchscreens or other items.

What makes CleanSlate UV different from household UV light cleaners?
What makes this product different than something you might find at a retail outlet is the intensity of the light needed to kill serious types of bacteria in a short timeframe. In just 20 seconds, this device will kill the most dangerous germs you can find. In comparison, a retail version UV light is more apt to kill household germs in approximately 5 minutes.

Will CleanSlate UV kill the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)?
Recent testing produces a 99.979% kill rate suggesting CleanSlate UV can kill the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in just 20 seconds on smartphones, tablets and other non-porous surfaces.

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