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We know you want more from a venue than just four walls and a parking lot.

At Saint Paul RiverCentre, we spend countless hours preparing for each guest to walk through our doors. When you choose to spend your time at an event in our venue, we hope you will leave raving to your friends about the experience you had.

In our venue, you can expect free wireless internet across our entire campus. No codes, no hot spots. Free internet everywhere. MHC Culinary Group will delight you with their award-winning, mouth-watering menus and cafe. Our staff will work hard to earn your business by offering sincere and helpful service, and our facility should be sparkling, comfortable and offer a sustainable environment. We want you to have a better experience in our venue than anywhere else.

Saint Paul RiverCentre

175 West Kellogg Boulevard | Saint Paul, MN 55102

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