MHC Culinary Group

Created by the same team of hospitality professionals that developed many of the Twin Cities’ most notable hospitality brands, MHC Culinary Group is committed to providing a dining experience that enlivens the senses, anticipates the unexpressed service needs of our guests and accentuates any event regardless of size or location. 

A passion for food. An obsession for detail. MHC Culinary Group has developed a specialty for planning and executing premier events. Food is what people remember and more importantly is a key ingredient to creating wonderful memories. At MHC Culinary Group, we understand the importance of your special event. From consistently fine cuisine to professionally delivered service, MHC Culinary Group’s experienced staff will help you design a dining experience that is uniquely your own.

MHC Culinary Group

Keith Reardon
General Manager

Robin McDonough
Assistant General Manager

Jillian Alspach
Director of Catering Sales


Jim Domagall
Manager - Restaurants, Bars and Concessions

Sam Rose
Director of Culinary

MHC Culinary Group
175 West Kellogg Blvd.
Suite 503
Saint Paul, MN 55102

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