Facility Handbook

In this section, you will find the most frequently requested services and items available for rent directly from Saint Paul RiverCentre:

Room Sets and Changeovers

We provide your initial table and chair set-up at no charge, as long as we receive your set-up requirements in final form on time. This includes all of your non-exhibit areas (meeting rooms, offices, general sessions, meal functions, etc.). However, you will be charged for labor costs for any changes to these initial set-ups. For current changeover rates, contact an event manager.


Saint Paul RiverCentre houses a wide variety of equipment that is available for rent. Please refer to addendum A of your contract or contact an event manager for details on equipment inventory and availability. If your event requires equipment not owned by RiverCentre, your event manager can assist with contracting for outside equipment with a variety of outside providers.

RiverCentre does not have any exclusive contracts with outside providers. We work with a multitude of decorators and audio-visual companies. IATSE labor charges for installation, operations and removal do apply regardless of the audio-visual provider. 

Internet and Telephone Services

A wide variety of data services are available for clients and exhibitors. These services include wired and wireless high speed internet access, local area networking and on-site IT support. 

Electrical Services

All electrical connections must be made by our union electricians. Electricians will be on site for the run of each show and you will be charged for the hours the electricians work. These services to exhibit booths are under the jurisdiction of the I.B.E.W., Local 110. Electrical services in a theatrical environment are handled by Local 13 of IATSE. Saint Paul RiverCentre is wired with events in mind. The exhibition halls, grand ballroom and meeting rooms are equipped with ample, flush mounted floor boxes and contain receptacles on separate circuits. Exhibitors requiring electrical services should submit their order and payment information in advance through our service orders.

Fire Marshal

The Saint Paul Fire Marshal assigned to your event will work with you through your event manager. He or she will guide you through your drawings making note of problems and potential safety violations. In addition to signing off on drawings, the Fire Marshal customarily will stop in each event day to ensure that all safety requirements are being met. The cost for this service will be billed to you on your final invoice.

Event Security

If your event desires event security, your event manager will be happy to assist you in scheduling labor from a list of our approved security providers. For the safety and security of your exhibits and exhibitors, we encourage your security company to provide personnel during load-in and load-out. This not only protects your exhibitor’s valuable merchandise, but security is a great deal of help in managing loading dock traffic. Our building staff will work closely with your contracted event security company.

First Aid Services

The health and safety of your attendees and exhibitors are as important to us as they are to you. Since these are mutual concerns and responsibilities, we provide modern health care facilities maintained and stocked by Emergency Medical Solutions and staffed with licensed professionals specifically trained to respond to situations occurring at Saint Paul RiverCentre. If you chose to use Emergency Medical Solutions, the cost will appear on your final bill.

Cleaning Services

Saint Paul RiverCentre staff will vacuum aisles and public spaces for each event. Booth cleaning is generally the responsibility of the show decorator. In most cases, trash removal and recycling is provided by Saint Paul RiverCentre at no additional cost. For events with substantial waste, additional waste removal will be required and you will be invoiced a dumpster fee for those services.   

Loading Dock

The Saint Paul RiverCentre Loading Dock boasts ten fully enclosed dock bays. The loading dock is designed for drive on access to the exhibition hall floor and is equipped with three large freight elevators to move items from the loading dock to various levels of our complex. The loading dock is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by the Saint Paul RiverCentre security staff. Our loading dock is located at 310 Eagle Street, Saint Paul, MN 55102.


Saint Paul RiverCentre will work closely with exhibitors, clients and service providers to ensure that show materials are handled as expected. We ask that show materials arrive no earlier than the first load-in day of your event and are well marked with contact information and the name of the event to ensure proper delivery. To make arrangements for earlier delivery of materials, please contact your event manager.

Service Providers

  • Exposition: No exclusive contractor
  • Audio-Visual: No exclusive contractor
  • Tickets: Ticketmaster
  • Catering: Exclusive - MHC Culinary Group
  • Concessions: Exclusive - MHC Culinary Group
  • Novelties: Exclusive - MHC Culinary Group

Power Down Policy

At the conclusion of each event, Saint Paul RiverCentre promotes a “power down policy” for all non-essential equipment that is powered by electricity.  This includes but is not limited to building equipment, production equipment, catering equipment and exhibitor equipment. 
If a client or exhibitor's business need requires 24 hour electrical service, please contact your event manager to make proper arrangements.  Additional fees may apply.