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Contract Parking Information

RiverCentre Parking Ramp Update

RiverCentre Parking Ramp approved to reopen in phases

Officials from the RiverCentre Convention & Visitors Authority and the City of Saint Paul have agreed that the parking ramp is structurally sound and will be safe to reopen to the public upon completion of additional protective measures. 

When will the RiverCentre Parking Ramp reopen?

  • The top level of the RiverCentre Parking Ramp reopened on Thursday, June 28.  This parking is reserved for event parking and will not be accepting contract parkers yet.
  • Additional levels of the parking ramp will be reopened level by level, upon the completion of additional protective measures.
  • The goal is to have the majority of the parking ramp open and operational by fall of 2018.

Where do I park when the RiverCentre Parking Ramps is closed?

Five alternative parking locations have been designated to accept RiverCentre contract parking transponders during this closure. Click here for a map of these locations.

  • Capital City Plaza Ramp – 50 East 4th St. (Take a ticket upon entry and show ticket and transponder at exit)
  • Lawson Parking Ramp – 11 W 5th St. (Take a ticket upon entry and show ticket and transponder at exit)
  • Victory Parking Ramp – 344 Wabasha Street North (Take a ticket upon entry and show ticket and transponder at exit)
  • Seven Corners Flat Lot – 150 Smith Avenue North (Leave transponder - number side up - on dashboard)
  • Smith Avenue Transit Center – 145 Smith Avenue North (scan in and out just like Kellogg Ramp)

Will my transponder work in the alternative lots?

Yes.  Parking is on a first come, first served basis though.  If you arrive and a contingency lot is full, you will have to check another contingency lot.

Am I guaranteed a spot at my preferred ramp?

No.  Spots are held at all ramps, but they are first come, first served. Allow yourself extra time in case your preferred location is full.

Do you have any tips for me?

Allow yourself extra time to park, in case your preferred location is full.  The outer locations tend to have more availability.

Will I have to pay additional money to park elsewhere?

No, your contract parking monthly rate will cover the costs at the designated alternative ramps.  If you choose to park elsewhere, you will be responsible for payment.

Are parking contracts available for the RiverCentre or Kellogg Parking Ramp?

Not at this time.

When will the RiverCentre Parking Ramp start accepting contract parkers again?

The RiverCentre Parking Ramp is hopeful to start accepting contract parkers in the fall of 2018.

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